Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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Every now and then Party judi online likes to give me a free $10 in my account for me to play with. They will normally do this if I havent played at the room for a while, so they like to try and entice me back to the room by offering me some free money to play with. Obviously I’m not going to object, so I always take up the offer and see how far I can get with the $10. I know some of you might be thinking ‘why not just withdraw it?’, but the terms and conditions will normally state that you must play so many raked hands or accumulate so many points before you can withdraw the money, so you either play with it or you don’t.

But anyways, most of the time I lose the money within a few minutes at the tables as I try and go for the big win. But this time I decided to take a different route and dabble in some online casino. Now I wouldn’t advise people to play online casino games because of the fact that the odds are never in your favour. Although it is perfectly possible to win money from time to time, it is not going to be possible to win money over the long run like you can in poker. But seeing as this money was free and stuck in my account, I thought I would give it a try.

The first thing I decided to play on was the slots. I enjoy playing on fruit machines when I’m out in town so I thought that these would be equally as fun. However, they are quite different and have 5 reels with no buttons or whatever, so you either win on the lines or you don’t. Furthermore I don’t know what combinations win or not, as it seems like the winning lines are picked almost completely at random. But aside from this, I wasn’t winning much money nor was I having much fun, so I took my money elsewhere.

Looks Like More Fun Than It Is

Next was the Blackjack tables, and Blackjack is a game I quite enjoy. Its good fun betting against the dealer, and with good strategy you can increase the odds that are in your favour, but ultimately the overall odds will always be slightly in favour of the house (unless you can card count that is, but thats not possible to do whilst playing online). I managed to hit a lucky streak and win a few hands and thus a few dollars, so I took my overall bankroll up a few notches up to around $35, which was nice. But it was a slow process and only being able to double your money on each hand meant that the thrill of playing Blackjack left after a while. Things seemed to just get a little repetitive, so I went back to the casino lobby to see what else I could find.Whilst browsing around it was obvious that Roulette was to be the next game of choice. This is also a really enjoyable game, and can offer some really nice wins if you get the right numbers. For example, if you managed to bet on the right number coming up, you will win 35 times the amount you bet, so it’s good to be lucky in this game. At first however things started out pretty slow and I was floating around the same mark with small wins and losses. I’m not very tactical when it comes to placing bets, I just stick the chips down wherever looks good and hope for the best. Turns out I hit a nice streak and won quite a bit of money, I picked the right number two or three times and so my overall bankroll ballooned. Maybe I should start playing casino games more, and less poker =].

The Big Win

At the end of my casino exploits I had my intial $10 bankroll up to $100, which is pretty good. I’m quite far off the mark when it comes to having enough points to be able to withdraw the money, so I’m going to have to play a few hands at the poker tables later. I might dabble in a bit more casino because I’m not too worried about losing it, but I’ll give poker a try when I have the time to see how that pans out. But overall my casino experience was enjoyable, but I wont be putting any of my own money into any casino games I can tell you that for free. I always stick to poker because its a game that you can consistently win money from, whereas you can always expect to lose more money than you win in casino games.

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