Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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Event 14 of the FTOPS VIII Tournament was a $200 + $16 NL Hold’em Turbo. It was hosted by Amanda Baker. It was a 200k Guarantee that had 2,140 players.

The chip counts going into the final table were as follows:

  1. Pokah_Prinz 838,357
  2. comhood 831,290
  3. OneUponAStar 606,395
  4. dud711 498,476
  5. kkpapoose7 398,686
  6. Iamjones 395,338
  7. DannyMac31 329,778
  8. MattSuspect 227,784
  9. zuzu99 153,896

With the blinds at 25k/50k and a 6k ante, DannyMac31 went all in with a TA off and was called by Pokah_Prinz with a suited AJ. The flop came Q7Q. The turn and river came 5, J and DannyMac31 was taken out in 9th place.

The blinds moved up to 30k/60k with a 7,500 ante, and more action came to the table as Iamjones moved all-in. MattSuspect called the all-in so it was Iamjones’s TA versus MattSuspects 4A. The flop came T95 giving Iamjones a pair of tens. The turn was a  꽁머니사이 3 and the river was a 2 giving MattSuspect runner runner for a straight, taking out Iamjones in 8th place.

With the blinds the same, comhood moved all-in over kkpapoose7. comhood had Q2 against kkpapoose7′s K7. The flop gave comhood two pair with Q52, but the turn was also a 5 giving kkpapoose7 a king out. The river was an 8 and comhood took out kkpapoose7 in 7th place.

The blinds are now at 40k/80k with a 10k ante, short-stacked comhood moved all-in with a Q4 and was called by OneUponAStar’s JA.  The flop was 2K3. The turn was a 6 and the river was a J taking out comhood in 6th place.

With the blinds the same, zuzu99 was all-in against now chip leader OneUponAStar. zuzu99 had JQ off against OneUponAStar’s 7A.  The flop came 68T giving zuzu99 an gut-shot, and turned an open ender with a K. The river was a 3 and zuzu99 missed all of his outs, finishing the tournament in 5th place.

Pokah_Prinz moved all-in with a K9 suited and again OneUponAStar called with a TK off. The flop came K6A giving both players a pair of kings. The turn was a 3 and the river was an 8 taking out Pokah_Prinz in 4th place and giving OneUponAStar a huge chip lead.

The blinds moved up to 50k/100k and the ante staying at 10k, short-stacked MattSuspect moved all-in with a suited J2 of diamonds and was called by OneUponAStar’s K3 OFF. The flop came 645 all clubs giving OneUponAstar an open ended straight draw and a flush draw. The turn was a 6 and the river was a 2 which completed OneUponAStar’s straight taking out MattSuspect in 3rd place.

The blinds were up to 60k/120k and the ante was now at 15k, dud711 moved all-in with a K8 off versus OneUponAStar’s A5. The flop came 63T hitting nothing for either player. dud711 turned a K and the river was a 10 doubling up dud711.

dud711 was now at about 1.4 million in chips and was all-in again with JK off against OneUponAStar’s TJ off. dud711 hit top pair on the flop coming 49K. The turn was a 10 giving both players a gut shot, but the river was a 2 again doubling up dud711.

The blinds against were raised to 80k/160k with a 20k ante, and dud711 pushed all-in with A4 and was called by OneUponAStar with Q9 off. dud711 hit a pair of 4′s on the flop with a 462. He iced it on the turn with an A and the river came a K taking out OneUponAStar in 2nd place. Congratulations to dud711 for a well played tournament.

Here’s how much everyone in the money got:

1 dud711 $87,290.60

2 OneUponAStar $56,496.00

3 MattSuspect $41,944.00

4 Pokah_Prinz $31,672.00

5 zuzu99 $22,256.00

6 comhood $14,552.00

7 kkpapoose7 $9,844.00

8 lamjones $6,848.00

9 DannyMac31 $5,136.00

10 poker4me123 $3,210.00

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