Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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Online Casino Malaysia VIII – Great series for player Halfrek

Halfrek wins FTOPS Event 11 ($1050 Buy-in NLHE) and FTOPS Event 21 ($2620 Buy-in NLHE, 2-day event)

FTOPS Final Table

When they arrived at the final table Halfrek was positioned ominously, but the chip lead was held be long-term chip leader philivey567.  Whilst philivey567 busted out in 4th, Halfrek was there for the full duration.  Here is the final hand

Raise Sizes

Getting your raise size correct at various stages in a tournament is an important aspect to successful play.  Basically the later on the tournament you get, the shallower your standard raise should become (obv as a general rule, not in all instances).

As you start to get deep 2.5 times the big blind or less is perfectly fine.   Many players will not call to even a small raise, at this point, unless they have a half-decent hand.  So it enables you to pick up pots very cheaply.  With the antes on offer as well, this makes each hand a very desirable pot.

The shallow pre-flop raise like this also gives you more room to either fold cheaply, or to evaluate any raise/push to see if there is value there for you.

We can illustrate with an example.  Here, poker pro Jon Turner (PearlJammed) is deep in a tournament, and raises to his standard for the blind level, 4875.  This is 2.4375 times the big blind.    With the antes, there is a 5000 chip gain here on offer if the opponents fold, which they do in this example.   Very much low risk for high gain, compared to a std 3xBB raise before the antes.

Doyle, Daniel, and Davis?

3 tables left in the $50K HORSE event in the WSOP (8 players per table), and some great poker players amongst them. Probably my favorite looking table is Table 3 (below), which includes Erick Lindgren (1 bracelet already this year), Daniel Negreanu (1 bracelet already this year), Doyle Bruson (10 bracelets, and all-round poker god), and The Grinder Michael Mizrachi

Poker Chat Probation

No matter how long you have been playing poker it is difficult not to be occassionally annoyed by some of the inane comments, language, moans, and opinions of your fellow poker players at the online poker tables.

I think quite a large percentage of these chat annoyances come from noobs to the game. Others of course come from just general idiots. You’re always going to get a few of those.

So, to limit the lame witterings of the majority (the noobs) I have devised a potential solution. All new members of a poker site should get a 3 month period of chat probation. They will be restricted from chatting at all tables, apart from perhaps play money tables and freerolls.

That way at least the chat will be restricted to those who’ve put in a little service, and maybe know a few fundamentals of the game. Hopefully by the end of the 3 months they will by more cultured and versed. Perhaps it will limit the general “rigged” type comments when someone loses a 60/40. Perhaps some will take their beats like a man. Perhaps the tables will be full of insightful and interesing discussions. Hmmmm, but then again, hell might freeze over tomorrow also.

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