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For those whose hobby is keeping discus fish, it is very advisable to recognize not just regarding how to raise them but as well as knowledge about a variety of diseases which have effect on them. Knowing well on many discus fish disease could be very useful intended for identifying the disease in your pets and treating them.

Frequently, the disease that usually this kind of fish suffers from is appearing a hole in their head. Early detection is important enough to ensure that you can give them effective treatment as soon as possible.

You need to keep in mind that the longer this fish suffer from disease, the more risk the disease may possibly cause its death.

It’s important to take into account that even though the fish become healthy after getting care, the wound may perhaps cause a blemish forever, which often significantly affects the appearance of this fish.

Mentioned facts necessitate you to treat the wound immediately, prior to the wound become bigger. If you detect this kind of disease, you’re able to overcome the disease by increasing the water temperature from 30 degrees Celsius to 36 degrees Celsius, subsequently preserve the temperature for 8 until 10 days.

Because of this, treating the wound sooner than it will get larger is much suggested. For this type of disease, you could deal with the illness by increasing the water temperature from 30 degrees Celsius to 36 degrees Celsius. After that keep the water temperature raised about 8 to 10 days.

By means of giving them high temperature therapy, it’s also advisable to perfect water aeration to maintain the oxygen level up. You may as well combine heat treatment with Metronidazole, which is administered orally. Give this medication for the fish one time every 3 days. Mostly, discus fish will respond properly to heat treatment together with the medication treatment.

Gill fluke is one more infection common among discus fish. Although it will not really affect adult discus fish, it can cause considerable problems for discus fry and juvenile discus fish. You have to understand that gill flukes are parasites which might damage the gills of discus fish. They may cause heavy breathing and unusual swimming, which often finally cause your discus fish totally paralyzed and sink down the underside in the tank.

To deal with gill flukes, you should utilize formalin. Also, although infested parents can still spawn, the offspring can in the long run have the parasite, that may affect incredibly vital problems.

Internal parasites could perhaps cause your fish to have an illness. Even though nearly all internal parasites in discus fish won’t trigger serious threats, you have to remember that these parasites can sooner or later get bigger uncontrollably, that may make happen considerable problems for your fish. An indication of this fish having internal parasites is that they may produce white feces. Emaciation also can happen and can be considered as a typical symptom of internal parasite.

A dose of Metronidazole frequently solves the trouble. You can get this ingested by your fish through medicating the food they eat. Feed your discus fish with medicated food every 2 days for the period of 10 days. Check this website for more info –

Yet, in case you observe that the fish is no longer eating, it’s better to force feed them using a syringe without the needle.

Keep mentioned guide in mind and do properly and patiently, sooner or later you will get new or more experience which make you more expert at treating discuss fish disease.


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