Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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Quite simply, there is nothing that can beat a good holiday in order to relax, refresh and recharge. Not only is a holiday filled with fun and excitement, but there are advantages to your well-being too.

Independent Cottages has compiled a must-read list of health benefits of going on holiday.

  1. Relaxation

Self-Catering holidays offer you flexibility as well as time out.  Having the freedom to eat breakfast when you feel like it, means you can get up when you like.  A cottage break is the ideal way to catch up on sleep and just ‘chill-out’.  Why not take it one step further and book a luxury break away that will help you to fully unwind? Many five star cottages have hot tubs included, so pour yourself a nice glass of wine, sit back and wash away your woes.

  1. Recuperation

If the doctor has ordered some rest or you are recovering from an illness or operation, then a cottage holiday is the perfect remedy.  Snuggle up by the fire in a comfy armchair and gaze out at the stunning scenery when you’re not taking a gentle stroll.

  1. Exercise

Cottage holidays mean you can take daily exercise without even realising it.  Whether it be a scenic stroll, an intense hike, a spot of cycling, swimming or kayaking; there are plenty of activities that you can get involved in to suit all fitness levels.

What better way to get some exercise than with a brisk walk through the Peak District or Cotswolds?

  1. Fresh air

There is no denying the benefits of fresh air.  Wherever you chose to stay, you’ll have this advantage. For city dwellers, the break from smoggy smoky air can be a great relief.  City air has been linked to a whole host of conditions such as asthma and other respiratory conditions, as well as allergies and skin problems.

Many luxury cottages are ideally placed in the middle of the countryside, so you can rest assured that you will get plenty of fresh air.

  1. Good for the soul

Surrounding yourself in natural beauty is a great way to feel better.  Waking up to beautiful views of rolling hills, stunning mountain ranges, serene landscapes or distant coastal views can make you feel great from the moment you rise.

  1. Keeping your diet up

Everyone seems to put weight on when they go away!  Fried breakfasts, calorific meals out and takeaways mean the diet goes straight out of the window.  Self-catering holidays allow you to be in control of what goes on your plate, as well as your portion sizes.

Don’t be fooled either- many luxury accommodations have a high standard of self-catering with all the equipment and facilities that you need to cook a healthy, delicious meal including

  1. Time with family and friends

Spending quality time with loved ones causes a rush in endorphins and ‘feel good’ hormones.  Self-catering holidays don’t have the intrusion of hotel and bed & breakfast breaks; and they mean that you can spend decent time together without the stresses and strains of work and everyday troubles.

So there you have 7 health benefits of a relaxing cottage break away. If you need a holiday to get over the chaotic Christmas period and the New Year blues, there is no better time than now to one. As after all, it could just be what the doctor ordered! Are you willing to buy Calendars, order Family Planners here.


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