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The National Heads-Up Poker Championships (NHUPC), an exciting televised one-on-one competition of the world’s best players that had been played annually since 2005, was canceled in October. Considered another victim of the Black Friday fallout, there is still hope that this format will return in 2013.

Not willing to wait until then link vao w88 weekly poker columnist Bernard Lee decided to create his own, mock heads-up championship. “Let’s close our eyes, open up our imaginations and dream what may have happened,” he posted in mid-March as he went about selecting the top 64 poker pros to compete in his fictional competition.

Sam Trickett was chosen by Lee to participate as one of poker’s “young guns”.

Lee’s mock heads-up competition was devised very similar to the real thing, which was based on the format of the NCAA basketball championship. 64 players are divided into brackets for single elimination tournaments, and then advance to the final match-up, which is staged as a best of three series.

Sam Trickett was selected to participate in the Diamond Bracket, which included Huck Seed, Liv Boeree, Jason Mercier, Mike Matusow, Gus Hansen, Annette Obrestad, Jonathan Duhamel and Victor Blom.

In his first round match, and remember this is a fictional competition taking place only in Bernard Lee’s imagination, Sam Trickett “played extremely aggressively and eventually finished off” Mike Matusow. In the second round, Trickett was paired up with Gus Hansen. “Trickett came out aggressive and also had the cards to back up his play,” Lee wrote, and Sam advanced to the third round.

Sam Trickett versus Jonathan Duhamel

“Another entertaining battle was anticipated between the 2010 WSOP champion and the 2011 Partouche Poker Tour champion,” Lee wrote of the match. Here is how Lee described the fictional hand between the two poker players:

“Unfortunately, another anticlimactic match occurred, as fireworks exploded when both players flopped trip sixes. The ever-hot Duhamel’s As-6s outkicked Trickett’s 6h-5h on a Kd-6d-6c flop, and after all the chips were in the middle, the dealer turned the 9d and rivered the Qd, sending Duhamel into the fourth round of the Diamond Bracket.”

So, Sam was eliminated from this mock competition. Who went on to win? It the final pairing it was Duhamel versus Phil Ivey. Duhamel took the first match, and then Ivey took the second. In the final match, Duhamel made a flush and was declared the winner.“I hope you enjoyed imagining the 2012 (mock) National Heads-Up Championship, and let’s hope that the real tournament returns to the felt in 2013,” Lee wrote, summing up his fictional competition.

Day 2 at the 2012 Irish Open

Only two Titan Poker players continued to play on the second day of the Irish Open 2012 Main Event. Robin van den Heuvel, whose AJ managed to eliminate Marvin during Day 1, was sharing the table with Martins Adeniya and Jude Ainsworth. Level 13 (1000/2000 blinds with 200 ante) proved quite unlucky for him as he wasn’t getting any playable cards and the running clock was devouring his blinds. He didn’t play a single hand for over half an hour. With 15 minutes left until the end of the level and with about 15K left in chips when the average stack was 93K he shoved all-in with pocket 7s vs AQ. Unfortunately for Robin, the flop brought an Ace.

Another Titan qualifier who was eliminated yesterday – Gabriel Vezina, has been playing the PLO side event today. He only lasted for 5 levels yesterday as his Aces got cracked and cost him all his remaining chips. His comment on that was “C’est la vie 🙂 ”.

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