Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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Many of you have already experienced the unparalleled excitement of gambling in a real casino – whether it be Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Biloxi, Monte Carlo, Macau or anywhere else in the world. There is simply no equal. Some people make it a regular journey – monthly, weekly – in my case yearly to Vegas.

Comps are a big part of these journeys for some – I have only had to pay for one hotel night out of 21 in the past three years, and all during the COMDEX convention when it is impossible to get a hotel room, let alone get comped – but most important is the sheer excitement – the roar of a crowd at a hot craps table – the screams when jackpots are hit – pretty cocktail waitresses practically begging to get you a drink – pigging out at the buffets – I could go on and on and never completely describe the unique sensation of timelessness and adrenaline.


So what in the world would cause you to gamble online?


Well, for one thing, you are in the comfort of your own house (or office) – no unusual distractions, no pressure to play, the ability to quit at any time because you feel tired, or because the kids are nagging you for their turn on the computer.


Of course, there’s also the ability to have a paper copy of the basic strategy for blackjack or video poker – although sometimes the cheat cards are allowed in the casinos these days, most people are too embarrassed to pull them out at the table!


In this multi-part series, I will describe the difference between land-based and online gambling, talk about variations in playing strategies for different games, and provide tips on how to make the most of your online gambling experience.


Part 1 – Setting the Stage

Part 2 – Bonuses – How to Maximize your Working Capital

Part 3 – Discipline Yourself

Part 4 – Don’t play for comps!

Part 5 – Cash out when you’re ahead!

Part 6 – Read the fine print before you gamble online!

Part 7 – Choosing an Online Casino

Part 8 – The Advantage Gambler

Part 9 – The Bonus Tour

Part 10 – The Bonus Tour continued

Part 11 – The Bonus Tour Part III

Part 11 – The Bonus Tour – Conclusion

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