Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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As you may have heard, Cnet’s Tom Merritt has joined Leo Laporte’s TWiT network.  This move raised more than a few eyebrows when it was announced recently, as Cnet are one of the biggest technology content providers in the world and Laporte’s TWiT network is a 5 year old business, run from his home, with just a small team of staff.

TWiT Grows in size and credibility

Established in 2005, Laporte’s TWiT network is rapidly becoming one of the most popular providers of technology related content online, with figures of 175,000 for their flagship show; This Week In Tech.  That’s a very large audience.  When you then look at the dozen or so other shows produced by the TWiT network and do some math, it’s easy to see why Merritt, one of Cnet’s most popular content producers / broadcasters, would join his long time friend at TWiT.

As a follower of TWiT since its very first show, I am confident that Tom Merrit’s arrival will be followed in due course, by other leading names in tech broadcasting. Leo’s approach to content provision is far more open and social, than that offered by the traditional networks.  This is enormously more attractive to people like Merritt, who are known for having genuinely strong opinions on topics.

I see this as a very wise move for both Merritt, who brings a loyal following with him and for TWiT, who now have one of the best broadcasters in the space.  I also believe this is an indicator of the growing importance of the TWiT network.

Are Molly Wood & Natali Del Conte next?

Oh, and this may just be a very good time for Natali Del Conte and Molly Wood to have a chat with their Cnet / CBS bosses about a pay raise?  If Leo is as smart a guy as I think he is, these 2 super-smart ladies could be next to join Leo’s impressive TWiT network!

Google Analytics gets an upgrade – Limited functionality on March 2nd

Google Analytics users should note that on Tuesday (March 2nd) Google will be upgrading their analytics system.  Between 7am -11pm (US Pacific Time), users may experience limited functionality. In this message on the Google Analytics blog, Trevor Claiborne explains;

This upgrade is to further increase the scalability and reliability of Google Analytics to meet the demand of an increasing number of enterprises using Google Analytics.

All Google Analytics data unaffected

According to the post, the upgrade process will not result in any lost statistical data, as Trevor Claiborne goes on to say;

Rest assured your website traffic data will be unaffected and there will be no interruption to data collection or processing. All reports will be available and accessible to users.

However, for some limited hours, users will not be able to perform administrative account actions such as opening new accounts, creating or modifying profiles, setting up filters and goals, managing user access, etc. If you are looking forward to translate this content, contact Translation Agencies UK

It seems that if all goes according to plan, there will be a minimum of disruption for Google Analytics users.  More details will be posted directly to your Google Analytics admin panel (in fact, they should be there already.)

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